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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Taste of Tofu Cheesecake @ Little Tokyo

I am a frequent at Little Tokyo's Curry House in Weller Court. I love their "corn potage" and I always order it. Last weekend, for the sake of one of my many 2010 New Year Resolutions, I decided to order more... "adventurously".

"Hit me with a Tofu Cheesecake!"

Tofu Cheesecake... eww... sounds nasty... right? Every time I come across this dessert item on my menu, a scene from 2 Weeks Notice would pop up in my mind: Lucy Kelson's father taking a bite off his Tofu Cheesecake, telling Lucy how much he hates this Tofu Cheesecake, telling Lucy the only reason why he is eating this nasty cake is only because he loves his wife. And, it's her idea that he should be eating healthier; never his!

Tofu Cheesecake...

Yep. I did it. I ordered. I ate it. And, I LIKED IT!

I really really liked it!!!

It tasted different from your ordinary cheesecake. But, it still tasted somewhat like a cheesecake. Creamy. Filling. Yummy. And, it tasted great! Hmm... this made me wonder what was in this cake to make it so surprisingly delicious? Was having a slice of Tofu Cheesecake much better for you as compared to having a slice of "normal" cheesecake? What's in this Tofu Cheesecake other than tofu? Tons of cream cheese?? Lots of sugar??? Hmmmm...!

*After Lunch*

Kinokuniya Bookstore! One of my favorite places in Los Angeles! They always have something to put a smile on my face~ (Look! An Eraser matches my nails!!!) This place is downstairs from Curry House. So almost instinctively, I'd always stroll in after my curry fix to flip their picture books, magazines, and check out their stationaries and gifts.

I Love Little Tokyo!

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