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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who's Hui?

July 22, 1997, my family and I landed on the Los Angeles International Airport. I was told that we were immigrating from Hong Kong to the United States of America. I remember my-12-year-old-self wondering if my family had actually moved to the wrong country. "Is this America? I thought I am going to be a minority here! Why do I see Asians everywhere and all my English class classmates are Mandarin-Chinese speakers!? :D" My family did not board the wrong airplane. I only had an inaccurate mental imagery of the USA, formulated with information gathered from Disney stories and Hollywood movies.

Shockers! There are actually parts of this country where Caucasian is not the majority residential population! A good example of such region would be the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, where Hispanics and Asian Americans made up majority of it's population.
Arcadia, a pretty little city sitting comfortably in the San Gabriel Valley, was exactly where my family raised their two then-young-teenagers, My brother and I, to add to the 45% Asian American Arcadian population since 1997.

... to be continue.

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