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Monday, January 11, 2010

You Are What You Eat!

Ever give much thought to the food inside of your fridge? Assuming we are being good, and we are not wasting food. All those food in our fridge should be consumed, then eventually became part of our bodies, part of us. Taking a honest good look into our fridge's content, not only we could gain a little glimpse of our personal dietary habits. We could also get to have a feel of how conscious we have been with our dietary choices. Do we like what we see in our fridge? Is it time to pat ourselves on the shoulders to recognize our self-caring skills? Or, is this 2010 the year we establish healthier grocery shopping routines to nurture ourselves with better food selections?

One thing I know for sure: my fridge is packed with leftovers!!! I gotta start buying in smaller quantity and order less when I eat out!! Looking at all these eco-unfriendly take out containers; makes me feel a little bit bad about myself... : (

Picture Show: You Are What You Eat, by Mark Menjiva, is an intriguing photograph collections highlighting the content inside of American's fridges across the country.


  1. I thought you took this pic of auntie's fridge =P

  2. exactly! i... kinda live there now, dun i? : P


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