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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Late Night Walmart Adventure

The question in answering is: "What is there to do in Arcadia after 9pm?"

Since my Spring 2010 semester has ended, my sleeping schedule has been even more extreme. Sleep at 3 am. Wake at 1pm. Work from 3-6pm. What's left to do after dinner?

Clubbing? Bar? Hong-Kong Style Cafe? Movies? Bowling?

... How about a... *drum roll*....... WALMART ADVENTURE?!

Haven't been in a Walmart for quite a while, I have always been a loyal Target fan if I must shop at a big box retailer. The local Target closes at 10pm and the Walmart closes at 12pm. eeeeeeh~ Walmart has won for this round.

Up: Love their Mac Snack Wrap Mini Meals. Just the right size. The wrap itself is only 330 calories with 0.5g of trans fat - one of the less deadly food item on their menu.

Down: OH'S NO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE STOPPED SELLING FRIED APPLE PIE AT WALMART MCDONALDS!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! The Mcdonald's lady also told me that's the case for all Walmarts Mcdonald's around this area too. NOOO!!!!! Now, if I ever have a craving for fried apple pie, I'd have to go back to Hong Kong!!! (yep! Mcdonald's there fried thy pies!)

Comparing to Cheesecake Factory's nutrition facts, Mc Donald's junk food looks a lot like health food to me now! (Have you read the calories and saturated fat in a slice of oreo cheese cake?!)

Are those.. fanny packs on these bikes? Since when they have replaced baskets with... fanny packs!?

This baseball bat is capable of hurting you both physically and mentally. "What? You got beat up by a pink and purple baseball bat!?"

For $6.96, you can bring home this "Hay~ Ironman" (Pay close attention to this action figurer's pose.)

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