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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend, Day 1: Shopping

Look what we found on the way to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet @ Cabazon! BOB'S BIG BOY, BABY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This place sure bet the outlet's foodcourt! They even got a claw machine filled with $20 bills rubber banded onto stuffed animals. I won't recommend trying your luck there though, their claw was LOOOOOOSE! (boo~!!! claw machine ate my $1!)

Looking @ their menu allllmost made me hoped that Noodle World didn't take over their spot in Alhambra (much closer to my hometown)... meh~ not really, I like my thai food. and... Asian American Pride!

Though my Slim Jim Sandwich didn't come out looking colorfully beautiful like their menu had suggested, it still tasted PRETTY AMAZING. I mean, come on, how can you go wrong with ranch sauce on ranch sauce with more ranch sauce?

--- So! AT THE OUTLET!! ---

BUSTED!!! Someone got caught shop lifting! 2 Police cars, 1 Police SUV, and 2 Horsy Cops! That shoplifter must have jacked a bunch of $$$ stuffs... or at least I hope he/she did, coz that's MY tax money at work catching a shoplifter!!

and LOOK! we found Nemo! oh... and Bruce the shark~! haha

Beach attire~ Getting ready for my Summer~ *Heart*~!

Oh, and note on that bright yellow bag! For $~5, you can get yourself hooked up with 10% off discount while shopping @ GAP with this reusable shopping bag. YAY~! GO GREEN~!

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