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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whee~ Summer Time~

::*15 Billion Things* I ♥ to do for this Summer~::

♥ Plant some herb and succulent, Chicken wire my plants,

♥ harvest my plants, cook, buy organic.

♥ sleep before 11/12am, get up at 8/9am

♥ Get an Air Purifier,

♥ Potty Train Puppy, Hike with doggies, Go to Dog Parks regularly,

♥ Have a Reading Corner, Move my Books out to the Living Room, Have a desk/study area in the living/dinning room, find the perfect desk,

♥ change all bulbs to green bulbs, take out excess bulbs, green my house

♥ make my kitchen look like a cafe, maybe its time to start on coffee too...(?)

♥ Go to Norcal, Go to Canada(?),

♥ have fun in LA, flea markets, museums, BEACHES!

♥ Reach lvl 80 and get me some nice gears, lan party,

♥ sale/recycle excess belongings,

♥ start paying more attention to my appearance, Have a make up table in my room,

♥ look into my thesis topic, register for classes, full-time/part-time job for networking and make some MONEY!, research/practice,

♥ yoga, meditate, exercise

♥ paint, arts and craft, jewelry making,

♥ change my credit card, random errands.


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