It's (almost) Winter Break! More time to update till school starts again in Mid Jan 2011! - 12.3.2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh hai! long time no see!

Wow! I haven't been back for a whole semester!
School was fun. Met some new friends.
Got some new hobbies. New animal family members.
Explored some new places, and etc.

: P Too bad blogging was obviously not on my "to-do" list over these few months.

Oh~Wells! Let's do a list of awesomeness over these few months:

- got a bike
- got a bunch of bike stickers on my bike!
- bonded with my sugar glider (who is on top of my head, grooming me rite now!! aww~!!!)
- finishing my 1st semester at my master
- played dudgeon and dragons (been wanting to play since very young!)
- got a huge wolf-dog!
- discovered some awesome youtube cooking channel (nickco's kitchen is THE BEST!)
- lost 6 Ib (i guess its a good thing?)


Looking forward to:

start on my thesis
publish my thesis
learn more about the topic of my interest
get into a program with stipends
do some research
spring break -> hawaii!!
start my part time play therapist position
start on my graduate project (oh dear, thats a $10k project, gotta look for grant and such if i reaaaaaaaaaally wanna do it.)

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