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Monday, January 11, 2010

Los Angeles! No Pants Train Ride!

OMG, it was so hot at the Metro train station! Hundreds of people decided to just take their pants off! So, I joined them!!

Wait for the Video:

LOL. Nah, Just kidding. I participated in a GuerilLA improv act with hundreds of other GuerilLA "agents". We picked a specific Metro redline train to board with our pants off. We were told by our leader not to acknowledge our "pantslessness". We were supposed to just went about our business as if nothing weird was going on... with our pants off! If someone ever approached us to question about our invisible pants, we shall act as if nothing weird was going on.

It was interesting watching other people's reactions: confused, disgusted, interested... etc. We got some questions, and we dodged them all.

"Pants? What pants?"

And, just like that, we rid our merry way all the way from Union Station to North Hollywood... "pantsless". Look at me! Hanging out with a Storm Trooper on Hollywood Blvd. with my pants off!

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