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Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Apple and Orange!

It all began with this goldfish training kit from my boyfriend and I came across:

We both found the idea of having a trained goldfish named after Albert Einstein to be hilarious. So, we headed to the pet store to pick a lucky goldfish. Just when we were about to pay $1.50 for our dear Albert Einstein, a store keeper came out from the backroom with this rex fancy rat who looked almost identical to my long-ago passed away companion: Gucci! (see below, my two amazing fancy rats from a while back: Gucci was white and beige. Fendi was white and blue.)

I almost teared up, remembering the happy days when Gucci gently picked up grape tomatos off my palm and hid them inside of her milk carton castle. I really really really miss having pet rats.

My boyfriend saw that and remembered the stories I've told him. He, then, asked the store keeper to drop Albert Einstein back into where he came from, and asked to see their rats.

(: * D Thank you, boyfriend! You are the best of the bestest!)

So, we went next to their fancy rat cage. I stuck my hand in to see which rat will come up to me first voluntarily. This way, I could pick out the most relaxed and sociable ones to save us some time going "Ok! Ratties! Let me let you poop all over me when you and your bowels get used to being handled by human."

It took curious Orange (see below) NO TIME to climb up to my hand. She was so comfortable with me. She skipped straight up to my shoulder. "Ok! I am taking her!"

It took the other Rex another 10 minute to take a sniff off my hand. But, oops! we didn't pick that 2nd rex. Because my boyfriend wandered off and saw a baby dumbo rat in the back. He fell in love with Apple's red eyes and big ears (see below). He decided to take this baby. Apple turned out to be a little bit more cautious and skittish than Orange.

So, here! That was how we got Apple and Orange~!

This following clip captured Orange's funny reactions when being blown by a Dust-Off Can, when our skittish Apple was hiding at the lower corner of their cage! Orange was being Orange: curious. Apple was being Apple: skittish.

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