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Friday, January 15, 2010

My "Trying Since College" Diet

I have started to eat healthier gradually since 2nd year of college. The whole health-conscious-organic-love-and-peace-let's-be-more-aware atmosphere in the Bay Area got me to reflect on the way I fed myself: ... Ahh.. Okay... I ate a lot of fast food. I ate no greens like a carnivore. I adored highly processed food. (Umm~ I kinda ate like Eric Cartmen from South Park. "Whatever Whatever! I do(eat) Whatever I want!")

OKAY! Yeah! I gotta eat healthier!!!

It was difficult to pass on eating out, especially living in the city of Berkeley; It was a foodies heaven! Topdogs, Nann' Curry, Cheeseboard, Bongo Burger, La Note, La Burrita, Zachery's... The least I could do was to eat plainer and more nutritiously at home to help balance things out. So, I started to take pictures of my homemade food to keep track of what I fed myself at home.

I know these might not be the healthiest food on earth.

But, hey! We all gotta start somewhere, and that was my "Trying Since College" diet's honest humble beginning.


  1. not bad! I hope I could eat healthly like that too!

  2. you can always start today! : D


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