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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ninja Pizza? Are You Serious?

Ever since I have decided to use blogging to help me find more LOVE for the San Gabriel Valley, I have been following several local bloggers to check out interesting local offerings others have found and have seemed to enjoy.

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Mikey Hates Everything is a foodie blog that features restaurants around the Los Angeles area. Their most recent post gave props to the new Strawberry Cones Pizza restaurant, which opened 1-2 months ago in the city of San Gabriel.

The name is funky. It's in San Gabriel - very close to Arcadia, where I live. I have made a new year resolution to "live more adventurously". I consider eating a slice of pizza that's called "strawberry cones" to be pretty adventurous. So, we went to try it out.

The store was so colorful. It made me felt happy just to be there.

I was glad to be greeted by their informative menu boards on their brightly colored walls.

"History of Strawberrycones: Strawberry Cones was established as a pizza delivery shop in Senfai, Tohoku area of Japan in 1983. Our goal was to make an original pizza unlike any other..."

Ohh! OK! It's a non-Italian style pizza: Japanese Pizza! They got two kinds of crust going: rice flour or NINJA (Bamboo Charcoal) Crust. They got unconventional toppings: Seafood Genovese, Teriyahi Mochi Chicken, Salmon and Asparagus, Mochi Mentai, Edamame, Walnut and Raisin... Jackpoint! I am about to taste something interesting~!

We picked:
Teriyaki Mochi Chicken with Thin Rice Flour Crust...


Avocado & Salmon with Thin NINJA Crust...

They both turned out to be PRETTY DARN GOOD! Both crusts were chewy. The rice flour crust tasted almost like any another flour crust. The ninja crust had a light Charcoal flavor, which made the pizza tasted "grilled". And, both pizzas' unconventional toppings complimented surprisingly well together.

And according to those hugh menu boards on the wall, Bamboo Charcoal is apparently rich in potassium and magnesium minerals. Rice Flour is healthier than regular flour because it contains more high quality protein with amino acids to "prevent blood sugar from rising to excessive levels".

Though I doubt these to be "health" food, reading that sure made me feel less guilty eating grease. : P

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  1. Making me hungry~ Teriyako Mochi Chicken sounds good, I think I might go and grab one today :)


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