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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Asian American Expo

Last Saturday, I went to the Asian American Expo in Pomona Fairplex for the first time, after hearing all about it for as long as I have immigrated to the US. The expo was a hugh yearly local event among the Chinese-Americans. It was like the Chinese-American version of Traditional Chinese's New Year's Market hosted by the Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages. Hence, Exhibitors and attendants were mostly Chinese.

Pictures taken at the Expo:

[And, props to CCYP! Big red eco-friendly shopping bags with the "Fu" Chinese character were given out at the entrance! Yay! Go green!]

[Lots of Food Venders there with their colorfully decorated booths were giving out free samples here and promotion gifts there. The Beijing Sour Milk stand was plain and simple. No fancy plastic decorations. No colorful packaging for their product. Just a long table with a big white table cloth. With busy looking, annoyed sounding vendors inside, telling by passers, "$2! No sample! Made with US milk. Beijing recipe! Too-dolla, Too-dolla! No Sample!"

But, it sure caught enough attention and attracted more businesses than others. Within the few seconds I spent asking the busy looking vendor with my broken Mandarin, "What's Sour Milk". They had already sold 3 of those $2 Sour Milk Drinks in their tiny little jars. A happy customer later explained, "It's our childhood delight! Good memories! Taste a little bit different. American milk made it tasted a little bit different. But, still good. Try some."

So, we did.

It tasted smilier to watered down plain yogurt, which reminded me of melted Yogurtland's Plain Tart yogurt. But Beijing Sour Milk was slightly sweeter and thicker.]

[Colorful Japanese Calpico Drinks. Their White Peach Flavored Calpico is a must try!]

[Very delicious Korean Popsicles, with many different flavors: Strawberry, Honey Dew (my favorite), Mango, Red Bean... etc. Too bad, they got hydrogenated oil in them... the one ingredient I avoid in my diet.]

[Fresh Tian Jin Roasted Chestnut steaming up the glass (left). Chestnuts being cooked in the big roaster (right).]

[You just can't go wrong with Taiwanese Sweet Sausage.]

[ I didn't taste this stand's stinky tofu. But, they must had made them RIGGGGHTTTTTT. Reason 1: Look at that line. Reason 2: The Golden rule for CHINESE STINKY TOFU says,"Stinky it smells, better it tastes." I could smell it from where I was taking this picture - I was zooming]

[Xin Jiang Lamb Kabob. $5 for 4. Two Flavors: Spicy/No Spicy. Juicy, tasty, and not too chewy. Too bad they do not seem to have a retail location. It says, "Wholesale and Catering" on their business card. We really liked their Kabobs.]

[The Asian American Expo just would not be completed if there weren't funky random merchandises like this one: Asian moms love wearing these cotton sleeves when they drive to block off harmful UV Rays from the California Sun.]

[The Bonsai Plant I almost bought home.]

[Check out my $5 Purse and $3 Charm!]

[Asian families love fruit trees.]

[Rubber plastic food keychains. Notice the Colonel wears contact lenses on this mini KFC bucket.]

[Bored of riding a pony in small circles? How about riding an elephant in bigger circles? This guy was at his lunch break when his partner was taking pictures with a family of 4 on his back."]

[May I interest you an overpriced pet? This Tibetan Mastiff Puppy was $4,000. Yes. 4 Thousand.]

Lots of things to see. Samples to try. Free stuff to take home. Bargains to take advantage of.
I had fun. : )

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