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Monday, May 17, 2010

Messy Foods

-Round 1: In-n-Out-

Last Friday, we had an urge to get some In-n-Out for lunch.
Who would have thought after years of fast food eating experience, I could still manage to drop a whole piece of 5-inch long ketchupped french fries onto my plain light grey dress!? AHHH!

-Round 2: Boiling Crab-

Boiling Crab - one of the many gems in the city of Alhambra.
Great Seafood + Bargained Price = CRAZY-LONG WAIT (2.5 hrs for a table of 5)!

we started with 1/2 dozen of raw oysters

5 pairs of messy hands as our utensils,
digging into our sides of calamari fries, dungeon fries, sweet potato fries...
and inside of those plastic bags, you will find our main courses:

I ordered 1 pound of "the Whole Sha-Bang" shrimps!

Heh, and, say hello to my friend's little claw fish~

Check out their menu/locations @

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