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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resources for Grieving Pet Owners

R.I.P. Apple and Orange (2009-2010)...

Both Apple and Orange were hunted and killed by a housebroke husky when staying over at a friend's place. Their departures were sudden and unexpected. I am having a hard time accepting and letting go.
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In going through my own grieving, I have found a list of online resources to help pet owners to cope with their pet's death:

Here are some good reads:

Here is a shorten list of Pet Loss Hotlines copied from the following link:


Arizona: Companion Animal Association - (602) 995-5885 (24 hrs)

Veterinary teaching institutions, in studying the human-companion animal bond, are increasing their efforts to help pet owners cope with lingering grief. Some of the teaching institutions have social workers who are specially trained to counsel pet owners.

Among the most well known programs are those at:

The Animal Medical Center,
New York City,

The University of Pennsylvania,
School of Veterinary Medicine,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

University of California,
School of Veterinary Medicine,
Davis, California,

University of Minnesota,
College of Veterinary Medicine,
St. Paul, Minnesota,

Colorado State University,
College of Veterinary Medicine,
Fort Collins, Colorado,

Washington State University,
College of Veterinary Medicine,
Pullman, Washington,
509-335- 1297

University of Florida,
College of Veterinary Medicine,
Pet Loss Support Hotline,
Gainesville, Florida,
904-392-4700, extension 4080 (leave message)


Dearest Apple and Orange,

Have a safe journey to your next lives. You two will be dearly missed.
I am sorry for not being there...


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