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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Day is Long: Hawaii~ Day 1~

Long Day is Long:

1st big EVENT of the day!!!- Found a Yummy and (VERY) Inexpensive Vietnamese Deli place with a name I would not try to pronounce: Banh Mi Che Cali

(Picture from

THIS perfect looking vietnamese "bento" is . only. $3.50!!! wtf AWESOME!
They even got this buy 2 get 1 free deal on their honey green tea, pudding milk tea, and boba milk tea.

So, that was lunch.

Now, between Lunch - Dinner.... *Drum Roll*

2nd Big EVENT of the day:

Found Hello Kitty CD - wtf AWESOME! Hello Kitty even got a CD... of what though?

Uh-huh~! I am so checking this out on iTune!!!

3rd BIGBIGBIG event of the day:

ALOHA~!!! I am in HAWAIIIII!!!

4th AWESOMEEEEE event of the DAY:



Yes, we will be staying at a local organic farm for my LONG VACATION~ *Heart* : )
As I am typing this blog, I am also listening to the soothing crickets and cicada songs.
"Gii Gii Gii Gii Qii Qii Gii Gi Qi."

OoooOooO! During this trip, I would like to pick up an Ukulele~!!

You Tube on How to Play "Over the Rainbow":

Heh! And, this guy can play "Family Guy" on an Ukulele!

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