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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My New Nook

So, Barnes and Noble is doing this Nook promotion:

It's a pretty sweet deal. I considered getting it... but then, I found out nook got no eChinese Books - or at least, not yet! (aww, I like to read in both Chinese/English!)

So, I went ahead and got this one - Ta-da~ meet my new "Nook":

Yep, the Arcadia Library actually has a pretty good "International Language" section filled with Asian Language books~ : )

The Nook prides itself for their large collection of eBooks that you can download either for free/lower prices than the same titles' "real book" copies.

But, guess what? MY "Nook" gets me anything I wanna read from THEIR collection FOR FREEEEE~ Some even comes in COLORS with a lot of pictures too!! : P

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