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Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Ready for the World Cup 2010~!

heh, like my world cup counter at your left? (fb readers, u can't see it! coz its on my original blog. Click Here to go to my original blog.)

Step 1: Figure out the Match Schedule-
This is the Official FIFA World Cup web site's Match Times Schedule. Click on the icon at the upper right corner to set the displaying accordingly to your computer's local time.


Step 2: Find put which channel to tune in-
Wikipedia got a list of broadcasters from different countries who have purchased the FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights:

Step 3: Got no Cable? No Problem! Find a Local Pub/Bar/Restaurant!

For those who live in or around the 626 (San Gabriel Valley), here is a list of places that will be hosting World Cup game nights- Click on Restaurant Names to go to their official website. Click on City Names to see their yelp reviews.

[Option 1 and 2] Choza Mama's Pasadena and Burbank locations are both going to host World Cup game nights!
They even got some good deals cracking: Click Here to see their Coupon.

[More Options] Go to this Article: Where to Watch the World Cup in Southern California for their list.

[Even MORE Options] The LA Galaxy is hosting more than 100 viewing parties! Click here to go to their official website/view parties info.

For those living up in San Francisco:
Found an article on Where and Where to Watch the Action. It is also be a good read for people who couldn't watch all the matches and need help picking out the MUST WATCH matches.

For those in Honolulu:
Uh-oh! Might have to watch it online because of the Time-Zone.
Here are some links that says they are gonna stream this event:

Just went to this one. As of June 4th 1:33am, there isn't much on it yet. I won't be sure of it until the 1st match.

It was streaming some other spectator sports when I was checking it out. Seemed promising.

The Legends Sport Bar might host some events for the World Cup. Gotta call and ask to make sure tho.
Legends Sports Pub, Waikiki
411 Nahua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
Call: (808) 922-7486

Similar Case with Buffilo Wild Wings.

Phone: 808-983-3933
1778 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96815-1605

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