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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tropical Hawaii: My Cockroach Encounters

zomg, i just screamed at the top of my LUNGS like 10 mins ago. i had an instant feeling that u would love to hear about this:

My Cockroach Encounters:

(1.) I was done with my "business" and reached for tissue paper. a brownish black piece of flaky, crispy, MOVING ORGANISM fell OUT from the middle of the tissue paper roll! ZOMGGG! AHHH! IT WAS A COCKROACH BIGGER THAN MY F-ING THUMB! I was so scared so I froze as it vanished behind the towel rack! I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO JUST GET THE F OUT! But, I had to stay in the bathroom - i needed to take a shower... so.. ok fine.. I closed the shower curtain... took my shower... after i was done.. i peeked out just to check if that sneaky little insect was still there. AH! IT WAS STILL THERE! I think it saw me/or sensed my fear/heard my LOUD SCREAM. It froze right in front of my toothbrush for 3 seconds and quickly hid away. !%@$^#$%&#^

(2.) I haven't seen Mr. Cockroach for days. So, I was rather at ease with the bathroom. 15 min ago (6/25/2010 ~11:55pm Hawaiian Time), I had to go. I opened the bathroom door. SOMETHING FLAKY, CRISPY, FLIPPING, MOVING LIVING ORGANISM FLEW CLOSE TO MY FACEEE AND FELL INTO MY HAIRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH %@#$^#$%& WTF WTF WTF WTF BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course I screamed! And, I ran into my room to find my man!! Mitchell was playing Starcraft2 and was rather annoyed at me because last time when I screamed at the "little bug" I woke everyone up at the farm house. BUT! THIS TIME! I GOT MY REASONS AND EVIDENCE LITERALLY ON MY SHOULDER (my left shoulder to be exact!) That "little bug" of the size of a big man's big thumb fell out of my hair and landed gracefully onto Mitchell's lap. It flew under the desk and hid there. Mitchell finally saw the "little bug" and decided we had a situation. He turned at me and asked, "So, you want it dead or alive?"

Usually, I will go with the "alive" option. Then, he would catch whatever living things that was scaring me and set it free out into the window.


"Dead" for this one.

Felt kind of bad. Because I was told that cockroaches only fly when they are bearing eggs. So, we killed a mother.

Mr. Cockroach turned out to be MS. Cockroach!

"Make sure you flush it down the toilet," I kindly offered Mitchell tips on handling a pregnant cockroach, "baby roaches could actually live in dead mother's body and would have no problem hatching out from a dead body."

"Got it."


#@!%@#$^#^&%*$&*%^**&( SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

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