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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Fascination of the Plastic Souvenirs *The Joy of being Easily Amused*

According to Russel Peters, one dollar can get you something nice at the dollar store. One dollar can also get you a few of these Plastic Souvenirs in California. Looking at them, I became very fascinated by the "plastic-ness" of each and every single one of these. It's like... for the first time, I have realized how colorful, shiny, and smooth these keychains/magnetics could be.

Ah, it was a dolphin. Its snout was only covered by my indifferent big thumb.

They were so colorful. I felt happy just by looking at them (lol! I know I know, I am very easily amused.)

Never paid too much attention to these plastic souvenirs to realize how interesting these map ones were. OooOoh, so much information to stare at and daydream about.

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